What is Teaching?

In order to get a better understanding of the topic, I'm curious to know what others definitions of teaching actually are. What is it that is trying to be mechanised?


My opinion is that Teaching is an example of container words. It isn't a singular task or action - it describes something complex. Complex vs Complicated. Teaching is actually a container for many complex systems - the attainment of knowledge, the production of information, the development of skills, the social experiences, interacting with peers etc. So is it possible to abstract those so that they can be mechanised or programmed? I don't know. Machines are capable of being "labour saving" but teaching is a role that transcends the concept of labour. Labour is just an abstraction of task over time and does little to encapsulate concepts like knowledge, skill or problem solving. -- Tim Klapdor

I'm sceptical of the possibility of creating teaching machines for anything sophisticated. -- Sarah Honeychurch