Time in a Wiki World

One of the new phenomena one encounters in working in FedWiki is how the concept of time is changed.

There's a really nice description of what happens in this digital space in the Traditional Ukrainian Dinner. As writers collaborating we create the "point Salvador Dali showed up and all the clocks melted"--only with text and not paint.

The way we tend to perceive time and the way we tend to work is linear. It's a staged process where one stage follows another as a matter of fact.

Yet the world isn't that simple. In fact it's the opposite of simple - it's default setting is really f*cking weird. Just watch this series on BBC .

Simple is a human construct that enables to draw comfort from the illusion we know what's going on. The reality is that things aren't linear, straight forward, methodical, or staged — those are things we as humans impose on the world in order for _us_ to make sense of it.

History is the present and the present is the past and the future is yet to be forked.