Network Learning


Goodyear et al (1998) define network learning as

learning in which C&IT [computer and internet technology] is used to promote connections: between one learner and other learners, between learners and tutors; between a learning community and its learning resources

From Wikipedia

Networked learning is a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and information, and communicating in such a way so as to support one another’s learning. The central term in this definition is connections.

Bell, Zenios and Parchoma (2010, p. 904)

Networked learning is characterised as a social process of learning...focused on the connections between learners and their relationshipo with other learners, tutors and resources

Dutton, W. (2010)

Organizations aren’t thinking about the ‘networked individual’ – the networking choices and patterns of individual Internet users. They’re still focused on their own organizational information systems and traditional institutional networks.

Network Learning happens where academic pursuits, personal interests and peer culture intersect. The idea is not to fully integrate these spheres, but to build connections so that entry points may exist and to diversify the pathways and opportunities to learning. One crucial way to create connections is to actively engage in building relationships through interaction.

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