Narrative Chart

The narrative chart is an attempt at providing an alternative view of how a page has evolved within the federation. While it is still a work in progress, an early version is available but there are no automatic links yet.

The basic URL to load the narrative chart is however this just loads the page code and renders an empty view as it has not been told what to show.

To tell the narrative chart which page we wish to display the history of, and which sites we want to start from we need to append some parameters.


We replace 'pagename' with the name of the page we are interested in, 'site' with the site we want to start from. We can also add extra sites, by adding them after the first.


We will want to add extra sites when not all the sites in a neighbourhood are discoverable from a single starting point. This is best illustrated with an example.

# Examples

Using Forking as (Cultural) Feature, gives a more interesting narrative chart , but to get the full picture we need to add more more sites to our starting point, as less than half the sites with a twin are displayed. A narrative chart for more complex neighbourhood requires adding more sites to our starting point, and we can also experiment with the order we add those sites to minimize line crossing.

Using Coffeehouse Culture as an example. As I write this, the latest version of this is on the '' site and there are 8 twins, in my neighbourhood. narrative chart .

Also see Visualizing Page History for a view on how the 'narrative chart' has evolved.