Bret Victor Love

I love the fact that quite a few people doing the #fedwikihappening are aware of Brett Victor. I have to admit to something of a man-crush

Magic Ink is one of my favourite papers and I've found it immensely challenging and thought provoking. It's helped shaped my mental model of current content systems and guided thoughts on how to rethink those systems.

The Future of Programming presentation is one of my all time favourite lectures. This is a perfect example of why I won't buy into the whole "the lecture is dead" idea that keeps buzzing. A lecture isn't about delivering content but in presenting it in a way that is interesting, empathetic and playful. With an overhead projector, pocket full of pens and thin tie Bret creates a perfect time warp scenario that challenges some pretty fundamental ideas in how we think about technology - ie that we're actually doing it right,

Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. It's a simple way to take advantage of content in a digital format. We used the library in the development of our TADPOLE system to show another way of presenting math example in different formats.

Update: I've used Fedwiki to put together notes on Bret's talk The Humane Representation of Thought . You can find them over on the January Journal page.