Almost Instant Web Sites

Now running web sites involves ftping files to servers, and running complex perl scripts.

One future might be where we create our content through hosted template systems, where maybe writing to the web is as easy as composing email and everything is stored in a database (cough blogging).

But beyond that, what if we had the ability to create self-contained web sites with not only HTML but interactive elements? Like I am running my presentation from my laptop as local HTML files, but to share I have to push everything to the web.


Command line deploy with Surge .

Jekyll , which powers GitHub Pages, does not use a database. Everything is in HTML or Markdown. Interesting spin with Jekyll Now to run it directly from GitHub.

MDWiki is an interesting concept of flat file markdown + javascript parsing.

Postachio uses Evernote as the content host and uses the API to render out a website. Publishing content is as simple as tagging a post with #published. Really interesting is the parsing engine they've built to render out media and interactive elements. Using simple "short code" style snippets of text users can embed a variety of content from external sources such as Tweets, Comics, Images, Videos, Slides and Gists.

Fairly comprehensive list of open source Static Site Generators